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Age 11 to 18

Dance for life

For secondary school children, dance will take one of two directions. It could continue as a hobby, with the opportunity to take exams, perform in shows, take fun workshops and socialise with their friends. However it could also become a real passion and a possible vocation.

To ensure that we can provide for both options, our classes at this stage continue to provide broad dance training. Ballet and Tap and Jazz classes continue as per grades. Dance numbers in performances become more complex and mature. There are then options to take workshops and further exams that could lead to auditions and a professional career. We work with each individual child and family to find the right path.

Dance is also a great source of wellbeing for young people at this age. Teenagers are under increasing pressure from a variety of sources. Dance classes provide a creative outlet as well as a much-needed chance to socialise with like-minded peers. Although sometimes physically demanding, dance class is a place where a lot of day-to-day stresses melt away.

“Excellent dance school that has inspired my daughters for the last 11 years. Fantastic teaching team that encourage and motivate them to do their best. They instil commitment, self-belief and self-motivation.”

Mandy (parent)

Classes provide students with:

  • A clear progression through a grade syllabus
  • UCAS points (Grade 6 and above, plus all vocational qualifications)
  • Opportunities to perform on stage
  • General wellbeing and physical fitness.
  • Support for auditions (if required)