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This Term's Theme


Putting our practice into play


Each term we have our “BLAST” week (Bev-Lyn Adventures in Stage & Theatre).  This exciting week of lessons is off-syllabus and looks at dance on stage.  We are inspired by a ballet and a musical, and re-create the choreography, whilst also looking at the background, the setting, the costumes and the people who created it.  It’s a chance to dress up, put all our work for the term into practice, and widen our pupils’ dance experience through watching, doing and having a BLAST!

This term we are working on our whole-school show "Story", which will be at the Regal Theatre in May:

Our show begins in a "boring" library, with "nothing to do". What follows is a lively, spectacular, exploration of some of the most interesting characters in literature and history.   

Classes this term will look at the choreography, characterisation and music for the show. From Harry Potter to The Hunger Games, The Hungry Caterpillar to Mary Poppins and a host of famous faces in between - whatever book we choose to take from the shelf!

An announcement about tickets will follow in February. Parents will have first priority booking before opening the box office to the general public.