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Fees are payable half-termly.  An invoice is issued at the beginning of each half-term and is payable within 30 days. Late payment may result in an additional 10% being added to the bill.

Finishing Classes

We ask for a half-term’s notice of finishing classes, or payment in lieu. This is so we can hold a place open for your child, in case they change their mind, and so we can re-allocate your child’s place in the class.


We pride ourselves in the level of self discipline in our pupils and ask parents to support us in this goal by ensuring that pupils have the correct uniform (named so that we can return lost property) and their hair in a bun for ballet.

Health & Safety

For children’s safety, no watches, hooped earrings, nose or belly-button rings allowed in class. Also no chewing gum or sweets allowed while dancing because of risk of choking. The school is responsible for students while in class.


When enrolling parents will complete a registration and consent form for their child. We ask parents to keep us informed of any changes of address, or medical conditions of your child.

Illness, injury and other classes

Please let us know if your child is too ill to come to class.

Other Dance Classes

Please consult with us before attending any other dance classes, or performances so that we can advise you on the suitability.

Important policies

Bev-Lyn Safeguarding policy

Bev-Lyn Privacy policy

Bev-Lyn Health & Safety policy

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