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Age 5 to 11

Finding our funky feet

From the age of 5 our dancers split their dance genres into two separate lessons. Most will do both. Ballet moves to a weekday night and we have a combined class of tap and jazz on a Saturday.

These wide ranges of dance styles give an excellent basis for development and progression. At this stage our training builds strength, technique, cardio-fitness, flexibility and performance skills. The classes complement one another and mean that children progress very quickly. Dancers begin to take exams but there are also workshops and shows to add to the fun.

“My daughters have been dancing with Bev-Lyn since they were 3 years old. They are now 16 and 13 and still love it. They have made fantastic friends and kept fit and amaze me with their talent.”

Fiona (parent)

Classes provide students with:

  • A clear progression through a grade syllabus
  • Recognition of achievement
  • Opportunities to perform on stage
  • General wellbeing and physical fitness.