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Frequently Asked Questions




What age can my child start and what do they do?
Our youngest dancers start on a Friday morning with the ‘Dance to Your Own Tune’ toddler class. This is a fun session with singing, dancing, props and stories. The age range is 2 to 4 years. The “proper” beginners class is for children from 3—4 years to approximately age 6. We do a fun class introducing tap and ballet, with songs, games and stories. Once they have gained their confidence we then work towards their first ballet exam.

Is it just for girls?
Definitely not. We have boys all the way through the school and have had several male pupils go off to study dance full time. One is now an up-and-coming international choreographer with his own dance company. The boys work is very strong, athletic and great fun. Lots of top football clubs use dance as an additional training technique with good reason.

Can my child start if they are older?
Yes, we take new pupils at all ages, and although initially we may slot them into a class that is slightly younger than them (to ensure they do not struggle and get the basic technique) we usually fast-track them up to their peers’ class.

Why do you do exams?
At Bev-Lyn we have an enviable examination record. Exams give the children a goal, a reward for their work and also allow parents to track their child’s progress. They are also needed if the pupil wishes to go on to full-time vocational dancing school at 11, 16 or 18.

Does my child have to take exams?
No, it is possible to attend lessons without the exams although we do recommend them. Exams are not there to frighten but to reward effort and achievement. But the classes are just as enjoyable without the final exam.

Do you do shows?
Yes, we do our own show every other year and also provide dancers for local ballets, pantomime and musicals, and take part in gala performances. The excitement and adrenalin rush that comes from being on stage is one that, once experienced, is never forgotten. Dance is a performance art and we aim to give our students this opportunity as often as possible.

Do you train students for a career in dance?
Yes, many students do dancing as a hobby which is great. But equally some have the talent and drive to make a career of it! We take pupils to the highest standard and have had lots of pupils go on to full-time vocational schools and into the dance world, as professional dancers and teachers. We also provide coaching and preparation to support entrance auditions.